Our Story


Based in London and Shanghai, from 14 years Horizon Solutions Consultants fosters commercial, entrepreneurial and investment relationships between East and West. Our story starts in China where Horizon team offers to SME professionals specialized in different areas, from accounting to translation, from sales to business set-up. The synergy between the cultural approach and operational business management encourages the relationship between Chinese customers interested in the European market and Europeans interested in activities in China. 

Our soul is Italian so we decided to open NowMadeinItaly, a new space where Italian SME can offer their quality products sharing their history and traditions to customers worldwide.

Image by Road Trip with Raj


We offer a place to Italian SMEs, great brands often damaged from a global business world that enforces multinational companies and flattens diversity and culture.

In NowMadeinItaly we share values, love, beliefs.

All our Brands value quality, honesty, culture.

We share love for what we do.

We all believe that, together, we can resist globalization, bring you a little piece of our Country, share with you a culture, a joy, a smile.