Do you want an interpreter to accompany you during your trip in Europe to help and support you with your suppliers or customers? We can send you one of us! (from one European country you can choose)




- Get our tailored support in English to best help you during your business trip


- Get you an interpreter who will help you communicate better with your partners



How does it work


1. After having completed the payment of the service, submit a word file with the dates of your trip, and dates and places of meetings to which you want the interpreter to participate


2. Within 3 working days we will send you a calculation of any transport and accommodation costs for the interpreter with the relevant payment link


3. Upon receipt of payment, we will send you the contact details of our interpreter and define your meeting point 


*The cost of the service is referred to a daily availability regardless of destinations and number of meetings scheduled workday.


If you need, you can select additional services from our Service Store.

Business Trip Support in Europe


It is important that you give us a clear list of your requests such as dates, meeting times, addresses and lodging places, in order to get an effective support.