Get our China Business Strategy first support and ask for our advice on the spot. Get to know some first few hints on how to create your company in China, manage a manufacturing, recruiting staff, find and manage customers, import, export, and more, to be ready and aware of the challenges that the Chinese market entails.

The service is also available to those who need immediate support to solve an urgent problem associated with current operations and activities in China or with Chinese companies.

It is also possible to receive our support on Chinese investment policy and methodologies in Europe.

China Business Support - 1 hour on Skype


Our English speaking team  is available from 09.00 to 17.00 UTC+1 time

After payment has been processed, you will receive your customer code via email to access our online appointment system and book a 1 hour slot with us.

If our team reckons not possible to provide feedback or support on the issue that the customer will handle in the call, a full refund will be issued.