Where to start from to sell in Europe? How to get a list of companies in Europe to buy from or to sell your product to? How many companies in Europe already sell my product or a similar product?




- Collect a list of at least 20 companies in Europe of your interest (from one country you can choose)


- Share with you their contacts when it comes to distributors, signal to you the selling price when it comes to competitors


How does it work


1. Select the option that best suits you

Companies Search Option: In three working days we will send to your inbox an email with at least 20 names and addresses of European companies offering wholesale distribution of products similar to yours

Retail Price Evaluation Option: In three working days we will send to your email a file showing the retail prices of at least 20  products  similar to yours which are already present on the European market


2. Upon payment of the service, book a meeting with us to introduce us your product characteristics (from our meetings list select 'EUROPE- Market Research')


If you need you can select additional services from our Service Store.

Distribute or sell your product in Europe


The service does not include the verification of licenses, of the certificate of incorporation, or any other parameter relating to the companies listed, nor any economic bargaining or any other parameter of sale.If you need these services, you can purchase the 'Verify Distributor Import Licences and Certificate of Incorporation’  or  'Sales and Distribution Negotiation' service.