100% Natural, Divino Gusto Honey "BOMB" is a natural supplement we made for your health! It is based on POLLEN, PROPOLIS, ROYAL JELLY and HONEY. Thanks to the healing characteristics of honey, tonic of pollen and royal jelly and antiseptic of propolis, it is considered a real health bomb. Divino Gusto Honey "BOMB" is a concentrate of energy and is taken to quickly restore strength and vigor to those who are debilitated, to those suffering from fatigue, stress and weakness.


Adults: 1 tablespoon every day.Children and teens: half a spoon.


Divino Gusto Honey "BOMB" comes from 100% Italian production. Our beehives, in fact, are found in Umbria and especially in the wooded and green areas around Orvieto, areas that have remained mostly far from any type of pollution. The extraction of honey takes place in a totally natural way and with low environmental impact. We do not adopt artificial or refining processes and we exclude any use of chemicals that would alter the beneficial properties of honey. That's why our organic honey has unique characteristics deriving from the place where it is produced and is characterized by a unique flavor and aroma that distinguish us from other products.

Organic Honey "BOMB" 500gr


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