100% Natural, Divino Gusto Honeydew Honey is not produced by bees from flowers, but by a substance, the honeydew, produced by other insects. The honeydew is present only on some plants including lime, fir, maple and downy oak. The taste of honeydew honey tends to bitter and is very rich in nutrients (it contains mineral salts, manganese, phosphorus, zinc, cobalt and sulfur are some of the trace elements). It also contains good quantities of calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium and iron. It is also rich in polyphenols and other antioxidants, and in probiotic bacteria that favor the rebalancing of the intestinal bacterial flora.

It is great for fresh cheeses and yogurt, recipes with spices (such as pepper, cloves, and nutmeg).


Divino Gusto Honeydew Honey comes from 100% Italian production. Our beehives, in fact, are found in Umbria and especially in the wooded and green areas around Orvieto, areas that have remained mostly far from any type of pollution. The extraction of honey takes place in a totally natural way and with low environmental impact. We do not adopt artificial or refining processes and we exclude any use of chemicals that would alter the beneficial properties of honey. That's why our organic honey has unique characteristics deriving from the place where it is produced and is characterized by a unique flavor and aroma that distinguish us from other products.

Organic Honeydew Honey 500gr


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