Saffron is considered one of the most expensive spices in the world as to obtain even just one gram it takes hours and hours to work exclusively by hand, as we do at Divino Gusto. Saffron is obtained from the dried stigma of the crocus sativus flower. Each flower has only 3 stigmas which must be collected with extreme caution so as not to damage the rest of the plant. Therefore, in order to produce even just 1 gram of saffron from this, at least 170 flowers are needed, a high quantity that greatly affects the cost of the final product.


Divino Saffron in pure pistils is 100% natural and produced in the Upper Alfina plain.

It is known that some companies to increase their earnings mix saffron with turmeric, red calendula petals or lily stigmas, so we advise you to be especially wary of saffron powder. By buying Divino Gusto saffron you will be sure to bring a natural and organic product to your tables. Saffron, acting on the mood, is recognized above all for its relaxing properties. Usage: meat- fish (especially crustaceans) - risotto - give color and flavor to sweets.

Organic Saffron 1gr


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