100% Natural, Divino Gusto Organic Lentils  are characterized by a thin skin (which is why they are also very easy to cook), a very strong and delicate flavor. They are called “Variegated” because the seeds have different colors.

Lentils are known for their high nutritional value. They are a good source of protein and carbohydrates; they are also very rich in iron, phosphorus and B vitamins.


You can use them for Stewed Soup, Trotter With Lentils, Stew with bacon, and much more!


Divino Gusto Organic Lentils are grown entirely in the hilly area of ​​Castel Viscardo, near Orvieto. The particular location of this area, its altitude and the composition of the earth allow us to grow our legumes in a completely natural way, without the use of pesticides, herbicides and other substances considered toxic to our body. We also avoid the use (very frequent in this type of crops) of "dry everything" which can infiltrate up to the roots of the plant, so at each harvest we rigorously remove the excess grass by hand.

Lentils, being legumes, are rich in proteins, fibers, iron and magnesium (for this reason they are not recommended for gout and uremia sufferers, because they are a source of purines).

They are very important for atherosclerosis because the few fats they contain are unsaturated, the large amount of fiber makes them useful for the proper functioning of the intestine and to keep the cholesterol level under control. They are also powerful antioxidants.

Organic Variegated Lentils 300g


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