You already have a list of distributors and you want to bargain with them prices, terms of payment and delivery, sampling, and any penalties? We can help you!




- We provide our knowledge of the industry to explain prices, method of payment and shipping


- We contact distributors to send them the prices and other details of sale in order to achieve an effective negotiation


- We can provide you a comprehensive and comparative view of all requests and help you to make the best decision


How does it work


1. Upon payment completion, book a meeting with us to explain your product and your previous relationship with any distributor including the price and the sale terms you would like to get (from our meetings list select 'CHINA - Market Research' )


2. Within 3 working days we will contact distributors for you and send them your price  and selling terms to be approved


3. As a result, if necessary, we will communicate with the distributors negotiating prices and selling conditions on your behalf to meet as much as possible the goal that you set during our meeting.


4. We will send you a report about the negotiation of prices and sales terms.


If you need  you can select additional services from our Service Store.

Sales and Distribution Negotiation


Our role is to assist you and help you negotiating with the distributor according to your requirements and methods of agreement between the parties. The distributor will not necessarily accept everything that you propose. During our meeting you will discuss in advance the best achievable results and lower results acceptable in your opinion. Our support consists of passing your message as effectively as possible. The result of the negotiations, however, remains determined by the intention of both parties: your company and the distributor.