Do you want to send samples quickly to all your distributors? Do you want to save a lot in terms of costs in sending and receiving international couriers? Do you want to avoid disputes with the distributor about the costs of an international sample shipment? Trust us!



- Receive and send your samples to your distributors from our Shanghai office


- Note the address requested by the distributor for the shipment by verifying that it corresponds to the company registered office of your distributor


How does it work


1. Upon service completion, send us a word file indicating sample type, volume, specimen characteristics, names and addresses of distributors


2. We will send you an email with our Chinese address and our referee name


3. Send all the samples in one package to our China office, and we will forward all samples to its recipients by significantly reducing your costs


4. Within 3 business days upon receipt of your parcel, we will prepare samples to your Chinese distributors / customers from our Shanghai office. We will send you a link to proceed with the payment of China's shipping costs to China, not included in our service.

If you need,  you can select additional services from our Service Store.

Send samples to your distributor in China


We advise you to ask the Chinese Distributor / Customer in detail his Chinese address both in English and in Chinese characters, including ZIP Code, name and surname of the person who will receive the sample and a telephone number.