Would you like to personally visit your distributor in China to clear all of your doubts, to best illustrate your product, to verify that he understood the details of your offer, or to show the reliability of your business but you do not want to travel to China? Send us there for you!
- Visit your distributor and meet in in his office

- Take pictures of company
- Take note of what you requested us to detail for you


- Describe your product or report your message

 How does it work
1. Upon payment completion, book a meeting with us and tell us what to take note of during our visit to your distributor (from our CHINA - Market Research Search List)
2. Within 3 business days we will contact your supplier and take an appointment to visit his factory
3. We will send you the details of the appointment
4. We will send you a detailed list of transportation costs to get to your distributor company,  not included in the cost of the service
5. After your acceptance, we will send you a link to pay for the transportation costs and then the related payment receipts (in case of non-acceptance we will refund your previous payment).
6. Once the company visit will be completed, we will send a report to your inbox according to your visit request.

If you need, you can select additional services from our Service Store.

Visit your Distributor in China


If the purpose of the visit is to verify the existence of the distributor's business and to take note of some details regarding the company structure, distribution, sales network or production, it is essential that you clarify and synthesize the details that are relevant for you. In this way you will get an effective report.


If the purpose of the visit is to clarify to the distributor your proposal, enhancing your company and your product, or illustrating your economic needs, remember that the distributor will not necessarily accept all what you propose.  Our support is to pass your message as effectively as possible and to physically visit the distributor makes it certainly more credible and serious your proposal. The result of the visit however remains determined by the two parties: your company and the distributor.


If the purpose of the visit is to respond toany critical problems reported by the distributor who riusk to undermine your relationship, please clearly explain the causes of dissatisfaction denoted by the distributor and we will try to study the case together to offer you the best solution.


If you are meeting your distributor for the first time, we advice you to have checked its licenses, and the certificate of incorporation. You can find this service in our store.